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  Nouns & Verbs

  People, family, relationships etc.

  Greeting, introducing

  Sentence bldg. :


  Talking about family

  Verb, Subject agreement

  Colors, space, objects, prepositions

  Asking questions

  The Present Tense

  Rooms, furniture, description

  Describing Objects, gifting

  Pronouns, Subject and Object

  Food & drinks, activities on the table

  Asking about places

  The verb “to be”.

  Buying & selling , shops

  Talking about housing

  “There is” “ there are”

  Clothes, jobs, places of work

  Describing diets, ordering at a


  Adjectives for describing people


  Affirmative and Negative sentences

  Describing weather, seasons, etc.

  Talking about daily routines

  Present Continuous Tense

  Geographical terms, countries, etc.

  Shopping at a market


  Directions, public transport

  Talking about quantity

  Past Simple Tense, the verb “to be”

  Body parts, physical appearance

  Talking about seasons and weather

  Modal Verbs : must, should etc.

  Leisure activities, sports, facilities

  Narrating, past actions and stories

  Comparative Adjectives

  Emotions, expressions

  Talking about travelling

  “Going To”


  Asking for and giving permission



  Making comparisons



  Talking about leisure

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