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Vidushi Academy provides professional and qualified interpreters for the following types of interpretation services :
  Conference Interpretation (Simultaneous)
Live and simultaneous translation of speeches or presentation in a formal setting. Prior preparation is a prerequisite, and documents and presentation for the event should be shared with the interpreters in advance.
  Business Meetings (Consecutive)
Communication with foreign-language-speaking business associates or guests facilitated by professional interpreters to make your deal a success. The interpreter comes with thorough preparation of terminology pertaining  the domain of your business in general and the details of your discussion in particular. Prior sharing of information is desirable and encouraged.
Three or four party conference with foreign clients, vendors or business partner who speak a different language, made easy by connecting to our dedicated team of teleconference interpreters. Prior appointment is necessary.
  Trainings and Seminars
Trainings conducted by foreign language speaker to an English-speaking audience or by English speaking presenters for a foreign audience are facilitated by professional interpreters who study the training material and prepare to be co-presenters along with the trainer / speaker. Prior sharing of training material and literature is of utmost importance.
  Travel and Tourism
Tourist guides with foreign language proficiency are available on request.
Translation & Interpretation Services
  Translation Services
  Interpretation Services
  Voiceover Services
Language School
Language Testing and Recruitment
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