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Candidate Name   : XYZ

Date                    : May 15, 2007

Evaluator             : Derya Ramos

Language             : Turkish

Reading Comprehension                                                                                                                      6.0 / 9.0

26 correct responses out of total 33
(Levels one and two attempted only.
Level Three not attempted.
Hence, downscale with multiplication factor 0.85 =  6.0 / 9.0)

Writing Expression: Letter/Essay Writing                                                                                           5.0 / 9.0
He can express himself using basic verbs. However, there are some grammatical mistakes and spelling errors on the text. He is sometimes confused on usage of verbs with personal pronouns. And there are also some slight mistakes on prepositions such as at, in or from. However, he can construct sentences in a right order, which is the toughest part for those who learn Turkish as the syntax in Turkish grammar is totally reverse when compared to that of English grammar.
Speaking                                                                                                                                               5.5 / 9.0
He can understand Turkish and express himself in basic words even though there are some slight mistakes of usage of some words/phrases.
Overall Band Score                                                                                                                               5.5 / 9.0

Corresponding Level Description : Partial Command   
Corresponding  Level                 : Intermediate One (B1)
Coping with overall meaning in most situations but likely to make mistakes.
Ability to handle communication in own field.

See below table.

Language Proficiency Index for XYZ as on 15th May 2007.




Corresponding Course  Level


  Very Poor

  No ability to use the language




  Usage of isolated words and basic information    conveyed. No real communication possible.


  Elementary One  (A1)


  Very Limited Command

  Communication of general meaning in familiar    situations only. Marked by frequent interruptions.


  Limited Command

  Frequent problem in understanding and    expressing him/herself using the language.

  Elementary Two  (A2)


  Partial Command

  Coping with overall meaning in most situations     but     likely    to    make mistakes. Ability to handle    communication in    own    field.

  Intermediate One  B(1)


  Effective Command

  Inaccuracies and inappropriate usage. Ability to    understand complex language especially in    familiar situations.

  Intermediate Two B(2)


  Operational Command

  Marked by occasional inaccuracies. Good usage    of language in familiar situations.

  Advanced Levels   C(1)


  Fully Operational Command

  Handles detailed argumentation well. Occasional    usage of inappropriacies.


  Expert Command

  Accurate and fluent with complete understanding


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